99 Creative Moon Projects {Resource}

99 creative arabic craft moon projects

Continuing our 99 Creative Project Series, I thought I’d bring together moon Ramadan projects. The Islamic calendar is lunar based, so the moon plays a significant roll in the religion. The crescent moon and star emerged into popular use during the 19th century as a symbol for the Ottoman Empire. It is now on half […]

99 Arab Children Books {Resource}

As a public library storyteller, I’m always on the lookout for Arab children books to use while I’m at work that are for or about Arab kids. Unfortunately, the lack of diversity in children’s books is overwhelming and books about/for Arab children aren’t even enough to make a statistic chart. Back in 2010, I compiled […]

Quilled Decagram Artwork {Tutorial}

Since I’ve started selling at the Handmade Showroom, I’ve enjoyed coming up with different quilled art designs. I just finished gluing down the final circles in this Quilled Decagram. In October, I made a eight pointed star, do I thought I would tackle a ten pointed star, a decagram. I started with an outside. Each […]